Services and Pricing

Studio K9 Grooming offers many services from nail trims to full service grooming and everything in between. Below is a price guide on those services.


Bath Service - Call for prices

Each bath service includes a high quality shampoo and conditioner, hand dry, and 15 minutes of brushing. Please let us know if you are interested in a full brush out service.
Groom Service - Call for prices

Each groom service includes a high quality shampoo and conditioner, 15 minutes of brush out and/or de-mat, nails trimmed and dremeled when possible, ears cleaned and plucked when needed, paw pads shaved when needed, sanitary and/or potty patch shaved, and any desired trim. Because each dog is different, it is impossible to give a exact price over the phone but a starting price can be given.

Miscellaneous Services

These services are offered as stand alone services or can be added onto a bath.
  • Nails trimmed: $10
  • Anal glands expressed: $10
  • Ears cleaned: $5-$10
  • Ears plucked: $5
  • Paw pads shaved: $10
  • Potty patch: $5
  • Face trim up: $5-$10
  • Mats shaved: $5-$10
Paw Package: $20 (Nails, paw pads, paw tidy)

De-Skunk Service - $5-$25 plus normal bath price

Skunked dogs will be soaked in a de-skunking solution then bathed and conditioned afterwards, followed by a brush out. Please note, this service will help reduce the smell of skunk greatly but there is no way of removing the smell completely until the dog's coat is completely shed out. Price is added onto a normal bath price.

Furminator Service - $15-$35

Add this service on for a full brush out with a Furminator tool. You'll be amazed by how much fur can be removed from your pet and be kept away from your couches, beds, and car seats!

Extra Charges
Difficulty Handling Fee - $5-$20

A difficulty handling fee may be applied to your bill if your dog causes difficulty during grooming, resulting in extra help or time being needed. There are some cases where it would be safest on both the groomer and pet to have overly aggressive or stressed pets to be groomed at a vet where a doctor can sedate the pet before grooming. If found the pet would be better off in that situation, you will be called and informed.

Matted Charges - $15/30 Minutes

If a pet comes into grooming who is overly matted, there may be an additional charge due to the time and care to deal with mats. During drop off, your dog will be assessed and if any issues are found, discussion of extra charges will take place. Some cases may be worse than originally assessed once the coat is actually being worked on, in which case you will be called to discuss options. In some cases, de-matting may be too excessive to brush out and in which case the dog may have to be taken down short all over. You will be notified of this before service is done. Excessive matting will not be brushed out and will only have the option to be shaved out for the comfort and safety of the pet.


Referral Discount

$5.00 will be applied to your next grooming session after a referred client comes in for a service.